JAMS Denver is located in Denver and serves Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West


For any other type of cases besides arbitrations, please gather all the related information including the names of the parties, their counsel, and the parties’ preferred dates and neutrals or areas of expertise. Contact the other party and confer as to their preferences and common workable dates. Then call our office. The staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling your case.


If your case is an arbitration, please see the form attached below. (Click on it and download.) Fill in the form, contact our office, if needed, for the filing fee and proceed according to the appropriate set of rules*.


Often the parties to an arbitration have a contract that determines who should administer the arbitration and under what rules the parties are to proceed. If no arbitration rules are specified in your matter, then the parties typically will need to address and agree upon this initial issue before any arbitration can proceed. JAMS has sets of rules to conduct specific types of arbitrations such as for large and small commercial disputes as well as employment cases. JAMS neutrals can alternatively proceed under another set of rules agreed to by the parties.

If for your matter there is no organization specified or yet selected to administer your arbitration, the parties can select JAMS to administer the arbitration process and hearing. JAMS will then assign staff to manage communications and documents with the arbitrator, scheduling, meeting rooms and billing. JAMS neutrals can arbitrate with another group acting as the administrator and also, if necessary, participate with neutrals of other organizations on multiple arbitrator panels.

Should the parties be unable to agree on a set of rules, generally selection of JAMS (or another organization that provides rules) creates a default to use those rules.

JAMS Arbitration Demand