JAMS Denver is located in Denver and serves Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West

The Denver JAMS office has been providing dispute resolution services to Colorado and the region since the 1990s. Our panel of neutrals has steadily grown due to the legal community’s satisfaction with our services.

In consideration of our national and local state offices to limit gatherings to avoid possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus. JAMS has been working diligently to continue to assist you. In an effort to do so, JAMS has been offering video conferencing, for an internet based virtual mediation. With video conferencing, we are now able to conduct mediations offsite, with the ability to see all clients in a virtual meeting and breakout rooms at a location of each person’s choosing. You have the ability meet with your client where they cannot hear the other clients and mediator speaking. It is 100% confidential in that regard.

Video conferencing is not just for mediations. If you would like to accelerate your timeframe for a trial to the court via a statutory judge, arbitration, special master or umpire, we are ready to assist you regardless. This is a wonderful tool that will be used even after this virus has run its course. We believe this will only enhance your experience and your ability to assist your clients regardless of any issues that may arise when unable to be at a physical office.

Our neutrals have a wide range of expertise. Each can provide various services. We understand and respect that no matter the size or nature of the dispute, it is crucial and important to those parties involved. As always, JAMS strives to provide you and your clients with the best service. We hope you and yours take care during this trying time.